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9 Online Resources for Survivors of Sexual Assault

9 Online Resources for Survivors of Sexual Assault
By Jaya Saxena
June 7,2016

Excerpt Below:

Though the Stanford rape case has received an enormous amount of attention, it is nowhere near a solitary event. There are millions of sexual-assault victims in this country who don’t think they will ever see, or even deserve, justice. 

The statistics don’t lie: 82 percent of sexual assaults are committed by someone who isn’t a stranger to the victim; 68 percent of sexual assaults aren’t even reported to the police—likely because of those that are reported, only 2 percent of rapists serve prison time, not to mention bringing a rapist to court often leads to more trauma for the victim.

This issue is far too often swept under the rug, but when you have a high-profile case like [Turner’s], it is an opportunity to shine a much-needed spotlight on this sad reality, as well as on the resources available,” says Director of Public Relations at Safe Horizon, Brian Pacheco. “Make no mistake about it, it can be very difficult to come forward as a survivor of sexual assault. No one situation is the same. We encourage survivors to speak to an advocate who can help explain the options available to them, whether that is making a report to law enforcement, seeking counseling or even support on how to disclose to your loved ones.

There are numerous online resources like Safe Horizon’s that offer information and support for survivors of sexual abuse, so victims don’t have to feel so helpless and alone. Some of these include:


The Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network is one of the largest anti-sexual violence organizations in the country. They run an online hotline for sexual assault victims and their family and friends, and provide specific resources for children, members of the military, and for Spanish speakers. They also have a database of local sexual-assault service providers.

2. Safe Horizon

Safe Horizon was founded in 1978, and provides support for victims of sexual abuse, domestic violence, human trafficking, and more. As well as connecting victims with advocates who can help them report their assaults or find counseling, it also offers direct legal assistance to low-income victims, as well as free legal information and advice.

3. National Sexual Violence Resource Center

NSVRC offers support tools for sexual violence victims as well as encourages prevention, providing e-learning courses like “Bringing hope: Responding to disclosures of child sexual abuse” and “Violence against American Indian and Alaska native women and men: 2010 findings from the national Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey.” Their extensive online library is also a resource for researchers.

Read the full list here.