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As Cuomo Acts on Homeless Problem, New York City Blames State Cuts

As Cuomo Acts on Homeless Problem, New York City Blames State Cuts

The New York Times
By Nikita Stewart and Vivian Yeejan
January 12, 2015

Excerpt Below:

Hopping from one interview to the next, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York hit the news media circuit to convey the urgency of the surprise executive order he issued last week requiring local governments to move homeless people off the streets when the temperature goes below freezing.

Depending on the perspective, Mr. Cuomo has been either a pragmatic moderate who has had to make tough choices with the state budget, or a vindictive politician who has allowed his open rivalry with Mr. de Blasio to spill into an urgent issue.

In an interview, Mr. Cuomo said politics were irrelevant. He said his deep personal interest in homelessness, combined with the widespread agreement that something needed to be done, had prompted him to act forcefully.

But Mr. Cuomo’s record and rhetoric on homelessness do not always seem to be in sync.

Mr. de Blasio’s office calculated that in 2010, before Mr. Cuomo took office, the state’s share of spending on homelessness was about 29 percent; by this year, it had dropped to 15.6 percent.

Our Vice President for Government Affairs, Michael Polenberg said he was looking for the Mr. Cuomo that advocates remember from his days building homeless shelters and pushing for affordable housing.

Governor Cuomo built a career advocating on behalf of low-income families and individuals, and homeless New Yorkers will need every ounce of his expertise to address this crisis,” Mr. Polenberg said in a statement. “If ever a time cried out for a robust, compassionate, and coordinated response from the governor and the mayor to address the crisis of homelessness, it is now.

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