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Homeless Youth

Have you been sleeping on other people's couches? Do you stay out all night because you have nowhere to go?

On a single night in 2015, there were approximately 36,907 unaccompanied homeless youth across the United States.

If you or a young person you know is living on the street, we can help.

Signs of Abuse

Homeless youth are often overlooked. Here are some signs of youth homelessness:

  • Do you lack a regular place to stay?
  • Are you sleeping at a friend’s house or couch surfing?
  • Are you riding the subway or staying on the street?
  • Are you trading work or sex for a place to stay?
  • Are you living in a car, sleeping in parks, abandoned buildings, or other public places?
  • Are you staying in a crisis shelter or transitional shelter?
  • Are you staying at someone else’s NYCHA or supportive housing apartment and are not allowed to be there?
  • Have you been forced to leave your home with nowhere to go?

Gimella Finds a New Future and Career Through Streetwork

Gimella thought she would be homeless forever until Streetwork Project helped her achieve her goals and begin a career helping others.
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1,022 Homeless young people who received service from Streetwork