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Victims of Other Abuse

Definition: Crime and abuse can have a devastating impact not just on the direct victim, but also on his or her family.


Our variety of services help individuals and their families work through immediate trauma and also prepare for the long-term difficulties.

Additionally, Safe Horizon recognizes that many survivors feel further victimized by a court system that is unfamiliar to them. Advocates guide them through the complicated process and help them to understand their rights.

We also help surviving family members of homicide victims.

Statistics & Facts

Though many forms of crime are down nationwide and in New York City—a considerable number of New Yorkers are impacted by violent crime, homicide, and theft each year.

  • Nationwide, between 2005-2014 both aggravated assault and simple assault declined by 21% and 35% respectively (BJS 2015)
  • Data indicates that less than 50% off violent crime gets reported to the police (BJS 2015).
  • It is common for survivors of violent crime to report that they knew the person who hurt them.
    • About 40% of violent crime survivors reported that the person who hurt them was a stranger to them (2014 National Crime Victimization Survey)
    • More than 50% said the opposite party was known to them in some way (whether a relative, acquaintance, or someone they dated or were married to) (BJA, NVAT Tool) 2014 National Crime Victimization Survey)

In New York City:

  • 23,225 violent crimes and 14,381 aggravated assaults were reported to law enforcement in New York City within the first 6 months of 2015 (DOJ, 2015).
    • Robbery victims are most often Latino (37%) and Black (33.7%)
    • Felonious assault victims are most often Black (47%) and Latino (33%)
    • Assault victims are most often Black (42%) and Latino (36%)
    • Shooting victims are most often Black (76%) and Latino (21%) (U.S. Census 2015 and Bratton 2015) (2014 New York City Police Department (NYPD) data)

Vilma Torres: Helping Families of Homicide Victims

Vilma Torres, Director of Safe Horizon's staff at the Bronx Family Justice Center, explains how her caring and compassionate approach helps families of homicide victims overcome the many facets of grief at the Family Justice Center.
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Our Community Programs provide support to survivors as they work to overcome the impact of violence.

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